Listener Registration 听众注册


>> For Listeners 听众注册
1. If you are interested in ICCBN but no paper to be presented, you are welcomed to attend our conference as listeners. 如您无文章需要投稿,可直接作为听众注册参会。
2. Finish the payment of Registration fee by Credit Card or Bank Transfer 通过线上信用卡付款或者银行转账完成注册
3. Fill in the online the registration form to us before July 28, 2024. 无论您的现场注册还是提前完成注册请于6月28日前完成线上注册表填写,以便会务组收集相关信息准备现场资料。
4. Any questions for registration/payment, please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretary. 如遇到任何有关注册或付款的问题,请及时联系会议秘书。


▆ Refund Policy | 退款政策

We understand that things will be out of control sometimes, which will cause your absence. If you cannot attend the conference for some specific reasons, we advise that you can find your Co-author or someone who get familiar with this paper to instead of you to attend. If you meet irreconcilable difficulties to withdraw the paper and registration, you need to submit the written application to the conference secretary by email. The handling fee will be charged, which will be based on the time and paper publication procedure.

Cancellations received before Dec. 20, 30USD will be charged;
Cancellations received before Jan. 20, 30% service fee will be charged
Cancellations received before Feb. 20, 50% service fee will be charged
Cancellations received after Feb. 20, No refunds are accepted.


▆ Disclaimer 声明

All best endeavors will be made to present the program as published on the Conference website. The Conference and its agents reserve the right to alter without prior notice, any of the arrangements, timetables, plans, conference date and place or other items relating to the meeting, for any cause beyond its reasonable control. The Organizing Committee and the Conference Organizers are not liable for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of such alteration. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Organizing Committee and the Conference Organizers do not accept responsibility for loss of monies caused by delays. Participants are advised to take out personal travel insurance and to extend their policy to cover personal possessions. The Conference does not cover individuals against cancellations of bookings or theft or damage to belongings.